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Kosher Kitchen Design

There is nothing that I do that makes a kitchen, “Kosher.” What I do is, “Design for Kosher Living.” Each family lives differently. Their cooking styles, family size, room size, and appliances are a few of the elements that impacts a kitchen plan, while following the Laws of Kashrus. It is important to create of profile of the client’s needs for meat, dairy and pareve: dishes, food preparation equipment, silverware and serving pieces. Are you home for Passover? How many people do you have in your home for each Shabbat and Yom Tov. How do you keep food warm on Shabbat and Yom Tov? How many sets of dishes do you have. How easy is it to serve meat meals to the dining room? The successful kitchens for Kosher clients focuses on; counter space, storage, appliances and traffic flow. Every Kosher Home benefits from organization.

Are you looking for a great program for your group and/or organization?

Over the years I have developed an interesting and informative program, “DESIGNING FOR KOSHER LIVING, THE KOSHER KITCHEN”. For the past 16 years I have spoken to many groups and organizations. My program was reviewed in, “The New York Times, Home Section” and “Kosher Gourmet Magazine” with wonderful comments. Leaders of groups like yours have raved that the program was one of the best reasons for members to come to a meeting. Members have expressed appreciation for being informed, inspired and enlightened in an entertaining forum.

The seminar covers an overview to designing the Kosher Kitchen as well as design ideas and solutions for the Observant home. I discuss layout for existing rooms, kitchen extensions, materials, appliances, lighting, flooring, safety, traffic flow, food for thought considerations and esthetic decisions. In addition, I touch on some bath planning, libraries and home offices. In my 60 - 75-minute discussion and slide presentation, I cover a lot of information. I make time for questions and answers from the group.

Loving my work, I bring a level of enthusiasm that keeps people involved and interested. I design and build for clients who keep a kosher home and those who are not kosher.

I can provide you with a “Flyer” for mailing with your organizations name ready for print, and a “Suggested Press Release”, to announce the seminar.

Please call, if you have an interest and /or require any additional information.

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